Friday, 23 April 2021

T is for Theren, Master Thief

This is last post of three looking at members of the Red Company, a once upstart and uncommonly allied group of adventurers that have become well-known heroes of Oerth. The Red Company is the party of player characters in this D&D campaign taking place in this version of the World of Greyhawk, the original campaign setting of D&D.

Theren is an elven rogue, Elder of the Land of the Kingdom of Furyondy, and an original member of the Red Company. Theren and Krieg met in a small village and seized an opportunity on a posted job for hire. Their teamwork made them inseparable, if unlikely, companions.

Their adventures soon took them to the Village of Hommlet. It was in Hommlet that Theren honed his craft, but never rested on adapting to the dangers he encountered on campaign. He is a skilled arcanist and deadly in a fight. His elven dexterity is renowned, with blade or bow. Theren never misses an opportunity to aid his companions with a well placed arrow from his magical bow, a knife slipped into an enemy's back, or calling fire from his hands; the latter recounted by Krieg to be the source of fire at the Waterside Tavern in Nulb. He possesses a Ring of Invisibility and is known to use it often in scouting on, spying on, and surprising his foes.

Theren is the current owner of the trident Wave, a legendary weapon thought to be forged by Procan's priests. Theren has been known to place a coin or two in a collection box at a Procan temple, in deference to his hasty, if exaggerated, conversion to the faith when wielding Wave in the White Plume Mountain for the first time. 

His assistance in the rescue of Prince Thrommel in the Temple of Elemental Evil has made Theren a rich "rogue" and landed Elder of the kingdom. This position of wealth has made his deadly martial skills standout and he is sometimes whispered about in the halls of the Assassin's Guild (where his status and renown, if he would join their membership, could be a legitimizing balance for the guild).

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