Thursday, 22 April 2021

S is for Sariel, Warrior and Banshee

Sariel was a legendary elven warrior and leader of an elite guard that patrolled and secured the elven ley line network throughout the forests.

She had become enthralled, and lover, of Narween the succubus in one of her many forms. Narween soon twisted Sariel's devotion to learn, map, and discover the workings and weakness' of the network, reporting much of what she learned to Iuz's network of spies.

Narween betrayed Sariel in dramatic fashion after learning all she could. In a frenzy of murder, Narween dispatched much of Sariel's force in a bloody fight. Sariel died holding her fabled sword with Narween's claws buried in her ribs, Narween whispering her true intentions in Sariel's ear. Sariel's tortured death transformed her into a banshee.

Narween may have achieved her short term goals, but left the ley-line network broken. Sariel guarded her last post on the network with a burning vengeance, watching forever for Narween to reappear in the portal. The portion of the network was abandoned, Sariel would soon find no one using the portion of the network she guarded. Until Narween had need to abandon the lands of Law.

Narween enlisted the Red Company from her prison in Flameflower to use the ley line network. One stop on the trip was Sariel's eternal post. Narween watched the Red Company fight Sariel and release her from her tortured existence. The Red Company claimed Sariel's sword. 

The actions of the Red Company would open the ley line network again. For Narween it would allow Iuz to leverage the network to move Iuz's forces deep into the lands of Law. For the Red Company, it would be the easiest part of their travels with Narween.

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