Wednesday, 21 April 2021

R is for Rezca, Staff Head Mistress

Rezca is the head mistress of the Azrené house in Dorakaa. A role made for Rezca, as unforgiving in the house as the city around her as those she serves.

She was first encountered by the Red Company when they arrived in Dorakaa, in secret, but befriended by an enterprising, and part-time rogue, member of the house, Baggi. Needing help in the kitchens, stables, and in the house guard, Rezca reluctantly took the Red Company into the staff.

She came to look askance at the new members of house when Baggi disappeared. Whispers that he crossed his new "friends" where only rumor—a number of those seeding the gossip were tortured and Rezca dismissed the rumor, but did not stop thinking about Baggi's abandonment of the house.

Rezca recognized talent though. Lumox quietly worked his magic in the kitchens, while Theren and Krieg would take on various roles in the guard or as escorts to the lesser nobles of the house. When Rezca became aware that the Red Company's work was becoming recognized by the house, her own ambitions were being threatened. Rezca assigned "Baggi's Friends" to increasingly dangerous tasks. She had them "hand-picked" to join a hunting party. Only the hunting party bosses return. It was a legitimate way to rid the house of these upstarts. The returned and their status was raised again.

She saw another opportunity when the sicon of Azrené hosted his paramour, Saffron, for an intimate, if barbarous, evening. The evening turned deadly when the scion killed a "gift," a high-priced sex thrall, to his love. Rezca assigned the Red Company to the disposal of the body, but they soon found themselves being chased through the streets of Dorakaa by House Azrené's elite guard. The Red Company survived this running fight. Krieg's own fight won the favor of Saffron, who saw that her lover wished her killed as well.

Rezca was finally rid the Red Company when they were seen for what they truly were when General Amara saw through the Red Company's magics that allowed them to live in the house. She was happy to be rid of them, but her favor in the house dropped considerably. Rezca allowed the Red Company to live among the house for weeks. 

Her health is unknown.

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