Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Q is for Quasit

After the Flight of Fiends, few remain on Oerth and in Greyhawk. Of those that do remain, they hide. Through their shapeshifting or finding places well out of sight of Lawfully aligned creatures.

One such Quasit is Kriitch, as he is known to his closest ally Falrinth, a wizard aligned with the Temple of Elemental Evil. Both met their demise in an encounter with the Red Company.

The Red Company encountered Falrinth and Krittch in their private rooms near a secret passage that led to the surface ruins of the Temple itself. The encounter was a pitched one with Kriitch aiding Falrinth in the form of a bloated centipede. The fight ended with both heavily burned from flaming oil spilled from a brazier. 

Kriitch had led Falrinth astray from the true temple following, convincing Falrinth to secure and hide the powerful artifact known as the Orb of Golden Death. Skull shaped more than a perfect orb, the artifact is now in the Red Company's possession. Krieg held the skull for sometime and is aware of the evil nature of the orb. He hides the orb in plan sight: on the back of a high shelf in the first Kriegmart in Hommelt. It is set among some other skulls, including one of a Quasit. It is unknown if this skull is Kriitch's.

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