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O is for Oerth

In the fiction of early D&D and Greyhawk, Oerth is described as such:

The world of Greyhawk encompasses the Flanaess, the easternmost portion of the vast continent of Oerik, on the sphere of Oerth.


Oerth is but one world among many, separated either by the gulfs of space, the invisible ether, or the fragile veils of reality.1
Much of the known world takes place on the vast continent of Oerik. Gods and Devils are real on Oerth and are beings of unfathomable power and visit the mortals, if in disguise or not, through avatars or not, thus making the worship of these beings have real and material consequence.

The divine or arcane magics that are wielded by priests or scholars are often helpful or as deadly as the mortals tools or swords.

Great armies march for Law and Chaos across the land, armored footmen, knights, and mounted calvary. The wars are deadly and bloody. Kings and Queens hold court with Lords, Barons, and Landed Knights, all rule over landless peasants; some benevolently, but a few cruelly. 

Civilization is what is made by the culture of kingdoms and races of men, elves, dwarves, and more; even beasts, devils, demons, and fiends create cruel and twisted mirrors of Law's works.

On this world rise a breed of adventurers that may first seek riches, but through sheer will and often luck, rise to good and are sometimes tempted by evil. The Red Company is one such group of mortal adventurers. Whether knighted, ennobled, or blessed by divinity, each member of the Red Company has achieved more than they possibly could have imagined in the years campaigning together in the beginning.

The stories and legends of Greyhawk and Oerth are forever changed by these heroes.

  1. [1] Living Greyhawk Gazetter, Eric Mona, et al., Wizards of the Coast

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