Friday, 16 April 2021

N is for Narween, Succubus

Narween was a succubus agent of General Amara Azené operating in Furyondy and the Shield Lands. Narween is one of very few Fiends that survived the Flight of Fiends in 586 CY. Since before the Flight of Fiends, Narween operated throughout Oerth as a spy of the highest caliber. Aided by her shapeshifting ability and her innate skills of seduction, Naween's activities could be too numerous to even fathom.

In recent years Narween began operating within Elven lands and became aware of the open secret of the ley line network. She began feeding this information to contacts within the Empire of Iuz and led them directly to the ruins in the lands of the Horned Society. It is unknown if this is where she became aware of the Red Company—as Narween or in another form—however she was certainly, by this time, aware of General Amara and her "Lawful" origins. It is whispered in some circles that she was the impetus that led Amara to Chaos.

Narween was captured by elven forces and placed in the prison at Flameflower and spied on by Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve, Kashafen Tamarel. It was in this prison that Narween had her first recorded interaction with The Red Company. Narween used The Red Company to get released from the prison, and through a murderous agreement of tit-for-tat, dispatch an elven banshee, of Narween's own "creation," that possessed and guarded a menhir on the ley line network.

The Red Company became further aware of how devious Narween could be just before  before her death. Arriving on the frontier at an almost forgotten and embattled outpost, Narween thanked the Red Company for dispatching the banshee and for preparing the ley lines for use by Iuz's forces of evil as she was cheered by a host of fiends. Narween died, rather unceremoniously, at the end of an elven sword wielded by an anonymous soldier. It is not known if she knew that the Red Company had thwarted her best laid plans and now possessed a cache of information on Amara's personal goals of revenge on the forces of Law on the whole of Oerth, held in the libraries of the outpost's most powerful magic users, of which Amara had once claimed membership.

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