Thursday, 15 April 2021

M is for General Mya, Elf Commander

General Mya cuts an imposing figure. She exercises both military professionalism and a political acumen between Elven and Human interests on the east and west sides of the Horned Lands, formerly the lands ruled by the Horned Society, now part of the Empire of Iuz.

Her current attentions have been leading an elite force of Elven soldiers deep into southern most regions of Iuz's territory between the Veng and Ritensa rivers across from Barduk in the County of Crystalreach. She has been charged with securing the ruins of an elven city deep in corrupted forests of this region. Her mission is to push Iuz's forces across the Southern Skull Trail while secretly securing the ruins. The ruins  hold secrets of a lost elven celestial tool, known as the Armillary Sphere, that could be easily twisted into a weapon.

With the help of the Red Company, she succeeded in the first mission. Iuz lost territory along the whole of the eastern shore of the Veng River and was pressed east of Skull Trail. This has pushed Iuz's retreating forces into elven forces in the southern most edges of Fellreev, an elven forest bordering the eastern frontiers of the Empire of Iuz.

Mya's secondary mission was less of a success. The, then aspiring, Greater Boneheart General Amara Azren√© had agents in Iuz's forest garrisoning the elven ruins. Azren√©'s forces were supported by an aboleth that aided in securing the information of the Armillary Sphere in the ruins, despite the direct intervention of the Red Company. 

In all, the public success of the fight has given Mya some political breathing room and has allowed her to secure the gains of the fight in the interests of Law and Good, including shutting down a corrupted elven menhir on the ley line network that Iuz was using to move forces deep into the Shield Lands. She aided the Red Company in infiltrating Dorakaa through access to her greatest magic users. Mya has not seen the Red Company since their departure using the corrupted menhir.

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