Wednesday, 14 April 2021

L is for Lumox, High Priest of Pelor, Member of the Red Company

The is the second post of three looking at members of the Red Company, a once upstart and uncommonly allied group of adventurers that have become well-known heroes of Oerth. The Red Company is the party of player characters in this D&D campaign taking place in this version of the World of Greyhawk, the original campaign setting of D&D.

Lumox, surname unknown, joined the Red Company campaigning sometime in 579 CY during the reemergence of the Temple of Elemental Evil near Nulb in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. A devout cleric of Pelor, Lumox brought a needed element of arms to the Red Company, and the eye of a god of Oerth, if initially a sideways one, on their actions against Iuz. Lumox's prays often for the health of the Red Company and Pelor's blessings have provided the Red Company with healing in critical encounters with Iuz's strongest allies.

Lumox's actions with the Red Company have raised the Church of Pelor's status in many kingdoms allied with Furyondy. Pelor enjoyed some worship through his association with the Church of Mayaheine, a paladin of Pelor elevated to demi-god, but Lumox's name and deeds are seeing an ascendance of Pelor followers, especially in the former Shield Lands.

Lumox wields a Rod of Lordly Might and skalds circulate songs and stories of Lumox's Spiritual Weapon, Pelor's hatred of evil manifest in the form of a mace, or Lumox glowing like the sun, lit from within by Pelor, striking fear into the enemies of Law and Good.

Lumox's faith is a force multiplier for the Red Company in battle. He has been known to fly a magical Griffon against hordes of Iuz. 

True to his calling as a cleric of Pelor, he is fond of great feasts and is known by many to be a generous host to all in the service of Law. He even leveraged these works of Pelor at great risk of discovery, under the nose of Iuz in Dorakaa while in working in secret as a member of General Amara Azrené's house on her ascendancy to the Greater Bonehearts.

Pelor's watchful attention increasingly falls on Lumox. As a wandering and campaigning high priest in his Church, adhering to Pelor's tenets, if not the written letter of each, Pelor considers Lumox's prayers with favor.

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