Tuesday, 13 April 2021

K is for Krieg, Knight of the Realm, Member of the Red Company

The is the first post of three looking at members of the Red Company, a once upstart and uncommonly allied group of adventurers that have become well-known heroes of Oerth. The Red Company is the party of player characters in this D&D campaign taking place in this version of the World of Greyhawk, the original campaign setting of D&D.

Kreig, simply Krieg, is a dwarf fighter, is a champion of Law of barbarian strength1, and wielder of twin flaming Efreeti blades. Kreig was knighted by Prince Thromell for participating in the Prince's rescue from The Temple of Elemental Evil and granted lands in the east of the Kingdom of Furyondy. 

Krieg is also the wielder of Whelm, a legendary hammer, rumored to be magically intelligent. He came into possession of Whelm and the Efreeti blades following the defeat of the Anciet Red Dragon Keraptis after the Battle of Emridy Meadows and defeating the guardians of White Plume Mountain.

He prefers his two flaming Efreeti scimitars over Whelm, a hammer that continuously pesters Krieg about its forging, its "brothers," or the sunlight. Besides his Red Company brothers-in-arms, he has been seen with a loyal cadre of northern barbarians, leading them into a fight against beasts or into hordes of fiends aligned with Iuz. The barbarian cadre are thought to be ghosts summoned by Krieg's Iron Horn of Valhalla. Krieg is never without his warhammer Rocky Horror or his battle axe Strange Love, magical weapons made legend by their fearless wielder.

Krieg is a known entrepreneur and financier of the much sought after Krieg-mart chain "Purveyor of Quality Outdoor Adventure Supplies." Recently, broadsheets have circulated that Krieg-mart has been aggressively buying makers of tents, creating a supply problem, making tents and tent fabric more and more expensive.

Krieg's position as a Knight of Furyondy, a member of the Red Company, and a fighter that has delivered many victories to his liege Prince Thrommel, has given him a lot of flexibility and afforded him the means to continue adventuring and campaigning. He was recently appointed by the Prince to chair a group of knights overseeing the Kingdom's taxation and wealth sharing laws. He has yet to appear in a session, deferring to Hugh, his representative to merchant guilds and manager of Krieg-mart expansion.

  1. [1] As a character in D&D, this makes Krieg a 18th level Dwawen Fighter Champion with a level of the Barbarian class.

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