Monday, 12 April 2021

J is for Count Artur Jakartai

It has been rumored for sometime that the Count Jakartai of the County of Crystalreach in the Kingdom of Furyondy has been recently courting southern allies on his borders with the Empire of Iuz along the Veng River.1

These rumors turned greatly to fact as a flotilla of warships from the Restored Holy Realm of the Faithful of the Shield Lands travelled north to the besieged Castle Hart near the Fort Barduk on the Count's southeastern frontier and the ruins of what was called Port Valour. The flotilla, sponsored by Her Most Honorable Ladyship, Countess Katarina of Walworth, Knight Commander of the Shield Lands, landed at Barduk with the much famed Red Company.

The Red Company stayed briefly at Barduk and soon crossed the Veng into Iuz's grossly extended frontier between the Rivers Veng on the west and the River Ritensa on the east. For the Countess Katarina, the use of the Red Company, strongly allied with Furyondy through its landed members met two goals: extending the front along the Veng river north and showing the Shield Land faithful, always looking east from Critwall, that she was ready to push across the Veng. Count Jarkatai has a different political problem that he is currently deflecting with entreaties to Furyondy that the Church of Heironeous approves of the actions. He was greatly relieved that Hetel, cleric of Heironeous and an ally of the Red Company, boldly supported the action as well.

The Red Company's success in Furyondy's seemingly never ending war against Iuz proved a great relief to Count Jakartai. He has since been able to land a large force on the eastern shore of the Veng and pushed the frontlines all the way to the Southern Skull Trail extending from Boulderford in the north to Krabalsthorp in the south.

  1. [1] Living Greyhawk Gazetter, Eric Mona, et al., Wizards of the Coast

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