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I is for Iuz the Old

In the lore of Greyhawk, Iuz ("EYE-ooze")1 has evolved over the decades. Many first encounter his description in The Temple of Elemental Evil, a campaign setting for Greyhawk published in 1985 and recognized as one of the best campaigns published in the long history of Dungeons and Dragons.

Iuz is a demi-god, thought to be spawn of the demon Lord Graz'zt and Iggwilv, thought by some to also be Tasha, a powerful wizard raised by Baba Yaga.2 A cambion, a fiend possessing the powers and traits of its parents, Iuz is a seemingly immortal despot.

He is known to the commoner as Iuz the Old One or Iuz the Evil, attributes of how he chooses to be seen by or known to mortals. He is seen by most scholars as the demi-god patron of Evil, Deceit, Pain, and Oppression.

Iuz has been the known consort of Zuggtmoy, the Demoness Lady of Fungi3. Zuggtmoy is currently imprisoned in The Temple of Elemental Evil and remains there through the efforts of The Red Company. This encounter has raised The Red Company to the attention of Iuz and his circle of Bonehearts. The newest member of this circle, General Amara Azrené has personally taken on confrontation with the company and is both acting for Iuz and herself, though it is certain Iuz is aware of any selfish action Amara may be taking.

Iuz's attentions are many, but expanding his empire, dedicated to his patronage, remains his main focus. Troublesome mortals are left mostly to his Bonehearts. He has reportedly been seen less and less. Rumors say that he has grown wary of appearances as they are often quickly visited by gods of Law and Good. Iuz's nemesis is the lesser god St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. They have often fought on the mortal plane and St. Cuthbert's uncanny nose for finding Iuz visiting his armies, his priests, or his paramour Zuggtmoy, has made Iuz weary of trivial appearances.

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