Friday, 9 April 2021

H is for Hugh, free peasant, guild member

Few peasants can speak to rising out of the muck and grind of a peasant's typical life. Hugh is one of those few. In the Village of Hommlet, Hugh met the newly landed Knight of the Realm, Member of the Red Company, Krieg, an imposing and entrepreneurial dwarf fighter.

Krieg saw potential opportunity in Hommlet in an abandoned trading post. The previous owners of the trading post were members of a cult pledged to the Temple of Elemental Evil and met their demise when they were discovered by the Red Company.

Krieg placed Hugh in charge of the trading post in Hommlet. Through the growing name recognition of Krieg in the last year, and the recognition that a recently found and circulated prophecy that spoke of the return of a "Red Company of Heroes," Hugh has parleyed his simple watch of the trading post into a position in the Merchant's Guild.

This position has afforded Hugh the opportunity to act on his Lord's charge, "Grow Krieg-mart throughout all kingdoms." Hugh has met this charge and more. Hugh now runs four Krieg-mart trading posts for his Lord: Hommlet's quaint original, one in Critwall, one in Verbobonc, and new one opening in Galt, a secluded waypoint on the Elven ley line network. This newest Kreig-mart is Hugh's attempt at capturing a wealthly and private elvish market for Krieg and Kreig-mart. The Galt trading post may prove to be the most expensive setup yet.

Hugh's tenacious mindset to mastering the merchant mind has made Kreig-mart a recognized name in many capitals, with members of the merchant guilds jealously courting Hugh for get the next Krieg-mart. This has made Hugh quite comfortable and created an income stream for Kreig that supports his greatest interest at the moment: campaigning with the Red Company.

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