Thursday, 8 April 2021

G is for Plar of the Rift, Durand Grossman

The Rift Canyon is a land feature of immense scope, 300 miles or more from the western to eastern ends and half or more at its widest point north to south. It is over 4 miles deep and seemingly impossible mesas rise from the canyon floor.

The people's of the Rift are led by Durand Grossman1, the self-appointed, and oddly named, Plar of the Rift. Plar Grossman leads a mixed band of native Rift tribes and refugees of Iuz's constant attacks from the Tangles, a deep and near impassable forest, at Iuz's southern front. Grossman is amassing an army in defense of not just the Rift, but an army to exact a particular type of retribution on the allies of Iuz. To this end, he is allying with fractions on the surface.

Grossman received word through these allies that The Red Company would need guides in the Rift Canyon to find the Greater Boneheart Amara Azrené. Plar Grossman is a gregarious host to all real or presented "diplomats" from the surface. The Plar laid the seeds with The Red Company to secure support for arms and action to rid the Rift Canyon of Iuz's garrisons in the Leering Keeps, a series of forts that guarded well known exits from the Rift and launching points for Iuz's constant raids on silver mining in the depths of the canyon.

Grossman provided The Red Company with the necessary guides and through this, The Red Company discovered that beneath the canyon lies a "hollow world," as large as the canyon itself. Peopled and populated by evil creatures that worship dark gods and thrive in a world being poisoned by Amara's magics and her promise of the complete destruction of the Rift and the very surface that the Rift embodies and inhabits.

  1. [1] Durand Grossman is Greyhawk canon. Gary had a way with names.

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