Wednesday, 7 April 2021

F is for Flameflower

Flameflower is the seat of Elven power in the Vesve Forest in the northwest frontier of the Kingdom of Furyondy. The forest extends along the southwestern edge of the Clatspur Range of mountains and the forest's northeastern frontier borders the frontiers of the Empire of Iuz.

Kashafen Tamarel of Flameflower, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve, holds court in Flameflower. The town primarily serves as the home of the Lord's court and the small population of 500 high elves living here act in the Lord's interest. An elite guard of High Elves is present at all times.

Flameflower has many secrets, but two standout. The first is a prison of magical construction and the second is less an absolute secret, but closely guarded: a network of ancient Elven menhirs connected to powerful ley lines. 

The prison is constructed of magics that confuse those put inside. Once inside, the prison strives to make its "prisoners" comfortable, and more importantly, grow complacent while providing the guard and Kashefen Tamarel a direct method of spying on the prisoners. The prison's magics can be quite beguiling to those inside and loosens tongues quickly. But too long in the prison can leave one very confused once released, to the point some have gone insane.

The network of ley line powered gates are similar to teleport circles, but constructed of ancient magics keyed to gemstones. More recently, control of these gates became an objective of Iuz's allies. The Red Company, following a lead on this interest found themselves traveling the gates to a hub menhir under siege by Iuz's forces. Here, the company learned of General Amara Azrené's fall from Law and her true plans for reshaping the world through fire.

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