Tuesday, 6 April 2021

E is for Emridy Meadows

The Emridy Meadows lie northwest of the Village of Hommlet, near Emridy Run, a small river.

In 569 CY, Prince Thromell led forces of Law against a horde of Chaos that had arisen from the then nascent Temple of Elemental Evil. The Prince delivered a stunning defeat to the forces of Chaos, but he was lost in the battle; no body was recovered. It would be learned much later he was captured and placed in a magical stasis deep in the dungeons of the Temple, forgotten until found and rescued by The Red Company.

The Red Company, through the use of powerful time-bending magics, returned to Emridy Meadows to fulfill a geas of a Gynosphinx bound to the White Plume Mountain by a long thought dead wizard, Keraptis; a wizard last seen in the first century of the common calendar. At the close of the Battle at Emridy Meadows, the Red Company pursued the retreating forces aligned with Iuz, the Temple, and Keraptis to a town on the River Veng. Here Keraptis revealed his true form: an Ancient Red Dragon!1

The fight left the Red Company wounded, yet it fulfilled the obligation of the geas. Keraptis was dead and the history books would be rewritten and updated. Their heroics at Emridy Meadows and on the Veng River would become a prophecy told for the next ten years, that when they returned to their own timeline, would catch up to the Red Company and be fulfilled in with great fanfare on their return from the White Plume Mountain.

  1. [1] In the canon of Greyhawk, Keraptis disappears in the first century of the Oeridian calendar, circa 90 CY. And the above history is mostly of my making, building off the canon of Greyhawk and making it malleable, fitting it to the story my players and I create at the table. Using the seeds of the canon, I build on notes such as Keraptis's legendary "gruesome threats...fulfilled just often enough to keep [people] afraid of him" or his single known work, The Pyronomicon, to find a new story in the fiction. In hindsight, he is the perfect Red Dragon. Slumbering in a volcano until Iuz awakens him. The canon of Gnomes and clones... nah.

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