Monday, 5 April 2021

D is for Dala and Dick Rensch

Dala was a cutpurse plying her trade in Nulb, a filthy trading outpost on Imeryds Run. She is the paramour of the hostler, and part-time pirate, Dick Rensch, at The Waterside Hotel. 

Dala and Dick ran something of a racket at the Waterside Hotel in Nulb before it was burned to the ground by a grease fire that started in the kitchen. Witnesses say a fight broke out in the kitchen. The fire had spread so quickly, it was quickly rumored to set by magical means, though many did not rule out rivalries or revenge, especially since Dala had been growing more brazen in her activities, often leaving men jilted, poorer, or frustrated; sometimes all three. The hotel had been used as meeting place for recruiting by river pirates and bandit gangs in the area.

It is not known what happened to Dala and Dick after losing the hotel. The lack of a place where Dala could ply her skills, aided greatly by her allure and free-flowing spirits, the pair likely abandoned Nulb for "opportunities" on the river.

The area around Nulb and regular trading routes on Imeryds Run were seeing an increasing number of raids, raids often planned at The Waterside Hotel or its not so friendly competitor the Boatman's Tavern. The criminal activity had been rumored to be caused by evil influences emanating from the ascendant forces gathering in the nearby ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

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