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C is for Captain Jacque Herz

Captain Jacque Herz is an member of Prince Thromell the IV's personal retinue and master of the Prince's elite guard.

After Prince Thrommel's rescue by The Red Company from a magical stasis deep in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Captain Jacque was assigned to accompany the heroes to the White Mountain and defeat a rising threat on the frontiers of Law by Keraptis, a wizard long thought dead, "arisen" in service to Iuz.

Defeat of Keraptis by the Red Company had Captain Jacque return to Furyondy where he returned to his role in the court of Prince Thromell. He would not be seen by the Red Company again until he revealed himself in Dorakaa.

Captain Jacque, as part of a secondary effort to penetrate deep into Iuz's inner circles, had been subjected to powerful magics of disguise. In the form of a Dragonborn mercenary in service to a Boneheart house, Jacque was assigned as part of an escort to watch over the Red Company, themselves subjected to the same magics of disguise. 

The Red Company, having found favor in the same Boneheart house, was assigned to recover conscripted beasts of war that had escaped into the tundra surrounding Dorakaa. The Red Company's escort, including Captain Jacque, were under specific orders to kill the fugitives and the assigned trackers. When Captain Jacque deduced the three members of the house were his old friends he ambushed the escort knowing The Red Company would seize the opportunity and in doing so add to a growing fraction of the house losing confidence in the leaders of the Boneheart house. 

Jacque revealed himself announcing, "I told these fools, 'never bet against The Red Company!'," referring to a moment when the escort took bets watching The Red Company fight creatures in an ambush of the lead column.

He helped quietly behind the scenes in his own assignment to sow distrust and animosity in the houses of the Bonehearts. Jacque joined The Red Company on their hasty departure from Dorakaa after finding out that General Amara had seen through their disguises, but capitalized on the division they had been sowing to secure her place in the circle of Greater Bonehearts of Iuz.

He parted ways with The Red Company again and has not been seen for some time, thought to be back in the service of Thromell's court in Furyondy.

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