Friday, 2 April 2021

B is for Boneheart

The Bonehearts of Iuz are well documented in the lore of Greyhawk.

Consisting of two circles, Lesser and Greater, they lead, advise, and otherwise act as the few that Iuz can "trust," if trust is even something that he can know. Much has been written about the Bonehearts in the annals of Oreth's lawful kingdoms. Many of the Lesser circle of eight members are known. The Greater Bonehearts are are lesser known, but it is thought that all are powerful wizards, witches, warlocks, or demi-gods themselves. The membership of both circles often change. Typically through the ruthless exploitation of weakness or a misstep by the current members of both circles. Iuz would likely have it no other way.

The Lesser Bonehearts are often deployed to lead fractions of Chaos on the frontiers of his empire in the northern climes of Oreth; pressing constantly on the borders of Law and seeking to influence and corrupt the Kings, Queens, and Principalities of the same.

The Bonehearts were likely the patrons of the fractions of The Temple of Elemental Evil and Kraptis in the White Mountain. Both sites of Iuz's greatest and deepest attempts yet at destroying the these kingdoms in the recent past.

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