Thursday, 1 April 2021

A is for Amara Azrené

General Amara Azrené has sought for years to elevate herself into the Greater Bonehearts of Iuz, the Cambion demigod son of Graz'zt, a demon lord of the Abyss, and the human witch Iggwilv. 

Amara was formally a member of a company of powerful magic users at the frontier of human and elven lands, bordering the Empire of Iuz. Corrupted by Iuz and the temptation of power greater than she had known, she betrayed the guardians to Iuz's forces. Through influences of ancient and forgotten powers, she entered Dorakaa, Iuz's capital and became an influential member in the circle of Greater Bonehearts through deception and ruthless murder. Amara is now a member of this elite circle that advises and performs the evil work of Iuz. Her true patron, known or unknown to Iuz, has led her on a quest to reshape Oreth through the very destruction of the world, Law and Chaos alike.

Her only opposition: The Red Company, a band of heroes that have thwarted several attempts of her peers in the Greater Bonehearts. Yet her greatest plan was set in motion alongside these seemingly failed efforts at conventional empire building.

Even now the Red Company works to stop her most destructive effort yet, bring the very heavens down.

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