Sunday, 15 September 2019

Basic D&D: 5287 words

My narrative of the Solo Adventure in Mentzer's Red Box weighs in at 5287 words.

I'm not much for writing. I can write, but the craft is not exercised. Active voice is hard. Passive voice is how I recount stories, often mixing them, and it's easy to find myself reading the effort, thinking, sounds good. In my head. First person is so much easier, but I do not like the style and find it too easy to insert the author, i.e., create the Mary Sue.

Chapter I has dropped, II and III this week. Criticism is not violence. Comments welcome.

This series so far has gotten us through 1/3 of the Players Manual. I'll close this week with a page wrapping up the Solo Adventure, After the adventure..., and dive into DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Characters and What comes next?

And a theory on Race as Class from something I found interesting in the text, maybe unintentionally hidden, but lost in explaining during editing. Maybe not new, but it certainly raised my eyebrows.

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