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Basic D&D: Solo Adventure, Battles


As we prepare for the Solo Adventure, Cadman armored and rested, Frank is ready to introduce us to more features of BECMI D&D Combat. In Cadman's fight with Goblin, Snake and Bargle, we learned the prime mechanic of Combat, the d20, or "twenty-sided" die. The Solo Adventure introduces a number of new features to combat and the adventure itself needs some record keeping as well as mapping skills.

More Damage!

In the initial narrative game Cadman only deals one point of damage. The introduces variable weapon damage in the Solo Adventure. Cadman's sword—important to note it is never described as a short sword—does 1d6 points of damage now.1

The Monsters

A simple stat block is introduced with a To Hit number, damage, and Hit Points. It also includes a To Hit for Cadman. Goblins do 1d6 points of damage now too, a fair fight.

Combat Checklist

During the Solo Adventure a handy Combat Checklist is provided. I note that Initiative is still not introduced and the adventure grants initiative to Cadman throughout, it seems; I don't think it's stated.

Record Keeping

Treasure, monsters killed (or encountered), &tc. are all important to track. Keep a scrap piece of paper handy.

Getting Killed

If Cadman dies in the Solo Adventure, "...start the character over again, from the beginning." And we must not forget that we have a Potion of Healing. Interestingly, Frank is introducing us to Opportunity Attacks. Don't take the potion in the middle of a fight, "drink the potion whenever you wish." Drinking it in the middle of battle means forfeiting your attack.


I bought so much graph paper back in the day. We get the instruction of scale in the dungeon: 10 feet per square. We also are told how important an accurate map is for adventuring and returning to explore further. 

And don't forget that every map needs a compass rose! We even learn how one is drawn. This seems rather odd, but there's some basic Geography education here that is being reinforced, along with the Algebra in dice notation and combat calculations. With the compass placed on the map and are instruction to note what we find and where we find it on the map we'll be creating, Cadman is ready to delve into the new caves.


I'm still thinking on how I want to present Part 3: Into the Caves on the blog. Just an after-action? Details of rooms and actions taken? A narrative of Cadman's adventures from the perspective of wonder and terror? At any rate, the next post will be the first part of that.

  1. [1] We aren't told he has a short sword, but with the introduction of variable weapon damage, only that Cadman's sword does 1d6 damage. We learn later in the tables that a normal sword does 1d8 and a short sword does 1d6, hence I draw the conclusion.

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