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Basic D&D: Solo Adventure, Town Business

Town Business

If Basic D&D did not stress the story over the game, or so goes Conventional Wisdom, I think that the Frank Mentzer, through the Players Manual, wanted us to know it was OK to develop story in the game through regular play.

Cadman Cadsonn, 1st Level Fighter, has rested up and let his wounds heal. He goes to an armorer that he knows, Baldwick. We get to develop him in our Mind's Eye through the narrative and Elmore captures Cadman and Baldwick shaking hands to close a deal on better armor!

The narrative and scene could be from a modern tailor or alterations shop on the corner. Baldwick could be voiced by Tim Gunn if you dare an attempt. It's amusing for its anachronism if nothing more.

Better Armor and Charisma

Cadman strikes a deal for a suit of Plate Mail, custom fitted from "dozens of sets of armor, for people of all sizes, but most of them need repair." I can almost imagine Baldwick buying armor run through, blood possibly sticky or dried, from adventurers that collected it off dead foes (or even friends). One could make this pretty dark. Cadman's Charisma plays into the negotiations with Baldwick. How? We don't know and players don't get much on how Charisma plays into this, though the DM does.1.

Baldwick promises the armor to be ready on Tuesday2. But it's not! So Cadman looks about for others that might join him on ADVENTURE! A brief peek at Retainers is offered, but nothing more than an idea that carousing has any possibly interested men and women distracted.

When the armor is ready, Wednesday?, Cadman is 30gp poorer and has an improved Armor Class of 23.

In Part 2, we'll get a quick introduction to Battles.

  1. [1] The Dungeon Masters Rulebook, the subject of another series, goes into some length regarding Charisma in Retainers, Monster interactions, and Negotiations. Players may learn through play how it works—or reading the DM Rulebook. It's not hard to imagine though it being a blackbox.

  2. [2] So, Tuesday is a day in this D&D Setting. Also a tad anachronistic.

  3. [3] Hence why I found it bothersome that the provided character sheet in the book had 3 written in the Armor Class box. It could not be erased.

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