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Let's read Basic D&D: Charisma, Wisdom and Ghouls


Our fighter's likability is a measure of his Charisma, our newest Ability Score. The fighter has a Charisma of 14. A low score may have meant Aleena would "have been very cautious and might not have offered to cure you!"

This single paragraph of narrative is packing a lot of expectations a new player might not be introduced as the player, but more than likely through the DM and actual game play, especially around Morale and Retainers. It may be enough to say that if you read this for the first time, the ticking time bomb is set for developing expectations of the  Charisma attribute.


Our fighter in this story may lack some common sense with a Wisdom score of 8. This is compared and contrasted with Aleena's 17. In this, we are introduced to how classes have specialties and those specialties are affected by high and low Ability Scores. The dump stat is most casually introduced for generations to come.

Sharing Adventures and Ghouls

Walking together, apparently considering the treasure split, Aleena and Fighter-with-No-Name encounter Ghouls. Aleena explains that as a Cleric, she "has power over these dark creatures." Aleena steps forward with a religious symbol—we know it's religious as it is a symbol the fighter recognizes from a church in town. Her faith turns the lot of them.1

Aleena cautions our hero not to chase them. The turning is temporary.

Doors and Thieves

Our first door is encountered and we will soon know what kind of friends Aleena has.

  1. [1] Ghouls have 2 Hit Dice. Four ghouls total eight (8) hit dice. Not discussed in the narrative is the DM determines the number of hit dice effected by the Turn Undead attempt. Assuming Aleena is at least a little more experienced than our fighter—hell, she practically is teaching the fighter how to survive in a dungeon—at 2nd or 3rd Level, Aleena needs a 9 or a 7 on 2d6 to turn ghouls, respectively of level.

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