Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Day 29. What has been the best RPG Kickstarter you have backed?

I don't back many RPGs, speaking to the specific RPG concept. However, The Complete Elmore book was very well run by Larry and his partners. Delivered almost on-time and complete.

I backed Numenéra to spite the haters. Delivered complete and almost on-time. Beautiful book and artwork.

Were either of the above run better than others? Probably not. Kickstarter is full of risks and I am very careful about backing anything not already completed or at least resource complete.

I backed Dwimmermount, but we won't discuss that as anything other than an RPG Kickstarter because I know, have met, and support JaMal. He is good, honest people and he was going through some serious emotional upheaval in his life. No one that criticized him would want the same thing in their own life. No one. Except sociopaths.

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