Saturday, 26 August 2017

Day 26. Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

I have a limited set of games I turn too. One will have seen that during the month.

But I'm going to go to a game mentioned, but not detailed much: Twilight:2000.

In Twilight:2000's heyday, the set of resources for player and GM alike was large. I recently purchased the complete set of v1.0 rules and supplements from Marc Miller's Far Future Enterprises. The nearly 30 supplements, sourcebooks, and scenario modules provided a civilian gamer's Jane's Defense Guide to all things late 80s US and Soviet Bloc military with a peek at experimental and concept weapons.

The almost 50 Challenger magazine articles rounded out the core material and kept the game fresh.

And yet it would be a disservice not to tip my hat to D&D's own Dungeon and Dragon magazines and deep library of supplements. Simply none can compete in volume and history.

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