Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Day 22. Which RPGs are the easiest for you to run?

RPGs that capture my imagination. This has been a core belief of mine for decades of gaming: if your fantasy or urban milieu doesn't set the right tone it's going wear thin in play and refereeing.

This means in practice I lean into games that acknowledge their history and roots. Rulings are allowed, but backed by a solid basic framework of rules. Rules should be adaptable and support rulings.

The GM is not your enemy, but the GM is also not your best friend when there's a challenge. Thus I lean out of the story game "movement." Story gamers tend to miss this part in all their yawning discussions of GNS instead of sitting down and playing Panzer Leader, or Squad Leader, or a Napoleonic miniatures game.

Rules mastery in any game is necessary for immersion in my assessment. Often GMs must challenge themselves in the finer details on the journey to mastery.

Specificially then I'm currently enjoying D&D 5E and WFRP with no regerts.

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