Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Day 16. Which RPG do you enjoy using as is?

Either there is something wrong with me or there is something wrong with the curation of the 2017 RPG-a-Day schedule.

I'm actually inclined to say it's a little of both. Do my answers of "all games" and "WFRP" seem repetitive? If so, too bad.

My goto games tend to be varied in system and setting, TMNT&OS, Twilght:2000, fantasy heartbreaker Heroes Against Darkness, BECMI, AD&D 1e, D&D 5e, and WFRP. To a title, I use them AS-IS. I tend to houserule when something feels too cumbersome to use, but is that antithetical to the question? If it is, we have a problem.

But if I must state what game I use AS-IS, speaking from a puritanical soapbox: WFRP 2e. WFRP 2e fixed issues in 1e I found to ugly to deal with. Give me the core book and some players ready for grim-dark and you have a game.

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