Thursday, 10 August 2017

Day 10. Where do you go for RPG reviews?

I'm not one you generally run to for reviews of RPGs. Because, while I'm not the living persona of a one-sourcer, I'm damn close.

If it's not something I've played in the past, or one of my go-to systems, I'm not paying much attention to new games. This is mostly about having time to invest in reading and then playing the system under review.

I tend to be casually observant about the signal of a system though social platforms, especially G+. More recently, Zweihänder caught my attention as the signal increased. With the release of a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play coming from Cubicle 7, I'm very interested in reviewing the release that will take its cue from WFRP 1e and 2e.

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