Sunday, 6 August 2017

Day 6. You can game every day for a week. Describe what you'd do?

That would be an awesome week to be sure.

Today, I'm gaming more than I ever gamed in high school or college. But a week of gaming? As "always the GM, rarely the player" I might break it down like this:

Pick The Game

D&D or WFRP 2e most likely for me.

Find the Players

I've got four online players. They could hop in and out if the game was hosted online. 

Two in-person regulars, but they, and myself, have real work and families, so that leads to scheduling


One would have to market this right to capture the mind share of adults. It needs a dedicated space and a full free week. That means burning that Paid Time Off treasure in the brazier and reading the flames and smoke.

Marketing and Location

Adults want access to good food, good drink, and good sleeping arrangements. This starts quickly down the road of organizing a micro-con. The city or home has to have easy access to these things and breaks have to be built in. As a brewer, I would ply my craft as "stouts and ales only available during the gaming and by the attendees."

Basically, a week of gaming would be incredible. The story and story beats would have to tell an epic at the end. Am I or anyone up to the challenge?


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