Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Day 1. What published RPG do you wish your were playing right now?

Can I be pedantic? Published... when? In or out of print?

If I lean into this question it's going to be Out of Print. The only in-print game I'm really playing right now is D&D 5e

But my out-of-print game I wish I was playing right now is Twilight:2000. The bound core rules for 1e are closely at hand in my home office. If I'm not catching up on some historical fiction or readying myself for one of two games I run online and in-person, WFRP and D&D 5e respectively, then I'm reading the beautiful dance of crunchiness that are the rules of Twilight:2000. The setting is so rich and so much what everyone thought the long march to the collapse of Communism was going to bring in the mid-80s.

The abstraction is not without its naysayers. Often, I find the naysayers woefully unfamiliar with munitions so I tend to ignore them outright—they complain that 3 round bursts are stupid; to which I often must point out that the fire-selector on many weapons had a 3 round burst selector! Or the magazines don't hold the correct number of rounds. P'ah. So easily accounted for though ignoring and simple correction.

The game is about attrition and the GM should be watching supplies to drive the story and game. Make the PCs stop to distill alcohol. Forage. Re-stack supplies from the broken down 2-1/2 ton. 

I do have one complaint though. Polish. If the game was published today, GDW would have to publish a pronunciation guide. I've said as much before.

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