Sunday, 2 April 2017

A-to-Z 2017

Well, it's April 2.

I considered the A-to-Z challenge. Mulled over topics. Then it was today.

The greatest pull away from the challenge this year was something that I drafted a post about, but realized I didn't have the full context, so I opted not to publish. That something is what I'll call the decentralization, and eventual dissolution, of the challenge. 

What I have been able to tease out of the post on the A-to-Z website is the challenge became too unwieldy to administer. The challenge peaked at over 2000 registered participants in 2014 (with a bell like curve starting to show in declining numbers since 2014). The organizers blew up the registration list and advocate for FB, twitter, and hashtags. The attempt then becomes a chore for participants to engage in tag hunts on diverse platforms.

Without central list, the value was greatly diminished for me.

I may still try to resurrect before April is out. But after six years, the A-to-Z and its luster dulled.

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