Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for Zed, an epilogue

An Epilogue for 2016

Five years ago, when James Maliszewski was still blogging regurlarly at Grognardia, I learned about Blogging A to Z. That first year marked the first year that the letter X would be forever some daemon or daemonic lure. I also won the Best of Fans Award from a prominent figure in the WFRP community Magnus Seter, writing under the nom de plumme Adolphus Altdorfer.

I worked with two international conspirators in 2012 where we cross posted to our blogs, sharing each letter. In 2013 I created more than 13 unique persons in the WFRP setting and in 2014 26 taverns, hostels, and dives on the Street of a Hundred Taverns in the city of Altdorf. Last year I borrowed heavily from my friend's characters at the table and their adventures in across great swaths of the Empire in a campaign to save the world.

Each year the comments start heavy, then trickle off. I'm don't follow the A to Z protocol of turning off comment moderation; I use to get far too much spam (a lot has dropped off with turning off trackbacks however).

My topic always gets the occasional comment that makes me wonder about the writer's impression of topic. This year there were a couple that took the magic angle a little to seriously, possibly not reading my primer on exactly what WFRP is and how the topic relates.

Can I do five more years? I think so. Maybe. There's a lot of creativity that goes into each entry. WFRP is a rich and dynamic setting and the my regular play lets me stretch that setting into each entry. However, WFRP is also closely guard IP. Fan work is mostly encouraged, but I could never publish the work as a collection. It can only existing on the blog (though I have collected the entries in the past as PDFs for download in the RSS feeds).

In all, A to Z is a strong creative outlet that focuses me for a month on this oft neglected blog. And for that I will continue in 2017. At the very least so that I can create another daemon's true name and make you cringe at all the apostrophes.

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