Friday, 29 April 2016

Y is for Youth's Bane

From the Lore of Death and Spirits of the Shyish Order of Magick, the spell Youth's Bane is one of the most powerful. Only the most advanced Apprentices can master the spell and then only with reagents of ivy cut from the grave of a deceased Shyish magister and intense concentration. It is not uncommon for Apprentices to still fail.

Youth's Bane, cast in battle or in defense can be the edge in a fight, permanently drawing the strength and fitness from an opponent.. Muscles atrophy and joints can sieze as the target ages years in an instant.

The spell is one that is a favorite of rogue Shyish magisters in assassinations. Continuously aging a victim over short periods of time until either dying a premature death or so weak as unable to defend herself from a more physical death. Such tactics are easily discoverable if recognized (often a possibility in cities, but less likely in remote regions of the Empire). The magister discovered willing to employ the spell in such attacks is one that will, if found out, be likely assassinated by the Order's leadership. Leadership that has no tolerance for such evil acts.

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