Thursday, 28 April 2016

X is for Xij'tier, Lesser Daemon of Tzeentch

The very Winds of Magick are the stuff of Chaos and change. Tzeentch, the Chaos god of Change, is said to drink from flagons overflowing with liquid magick. Moreover, it told by magisters of all colleges—and certainly put forth by the Witch Hunters as proof of the corruption of all magic users—that Tzeentch curses all magic users that improperly handle the winds in casting, elf or human alike. Mutation Tzeentch's "blessing." But Tzeentch has daemon heralds as well.

His lesser daemon Xij'tier is one such harbinger. An ethereal daemon, Xij'tier seeks change in natural forms for Tzeentch's glory.

Xij'tier typically takes the forms of beasts that have no likeness in the Old World and can only be described as creatures from the Tzeentch's own menagerie of the unusual. He rarely appears without immense tusks that have are carved with everchanging scenes of Tzeentch's basest desires and capped with a color changing metal formed into flesh piercing points.

Xij'tier takes a certain enjoyment in touching the war beasts of Tzeentch's champions in the Old World. The mutations are always terrifying and often quite deadly in the field.

It is said that Xij'tier will stand at the head of a charging warband, man and beast fighting to charge through his ethereal form to be "blessed" with change and mutation in that instant before colliding in battle with the enemy.

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