Wednesday, 27 April 2016

W is for Witchsight

No respected magister of the eight Colleges of Magic uses the term Witchsight, as these same magic users would never consider themselves "witches or warlocks." The term existed long before the Articles of Imperial Magic were codified and it has become a more common term among the superstitious public where the Colleges would prefer the use of Spiritsight or Magical Sense.

Mastering Witchsight is a lifelong task that starts with apprenticeship. It represents the "Seventh Sense" with Intuition and Aethyric Attunement being the "Sixth Sense" and first recognizable ability of any potential magic user.

How Witchsight is honed and mastered and thus appears to a magister is difficult to say, but many describe as looking through novelty glasses, but with an astonishing clarity of the manifestations of the Winds of Magic. Ghyran is said to be like a summer rain, Ulgu as a think fog, literally affecting a bystander passing through this unseen cloud and forgetting why he left the house. Shyish lingers as a dark tendrils in grave yards and around oubliettes. 

Yet these manifestations are invisible to anyone without Witchsight, and more still may manifest themselves to magisters very differently. An Azyr magister might see the past action in place or the future movement of chess piece on a board.

Witchsight is a both a blessing and a curse. The latter the most often considered. It has driven many magisters insane as they age and their mastery of it grows. For as the power to use Witchsight strengthens so does the clarity of the Winds of Magic.

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