Tuesday, 26 April 2016

V is for Vitaellum

Vitaellum is the powerstone of the magisters of Ghyran, the Green Wind of Magic.

Typically appearing as an flawless emerald with an internal light, the stone can also present itself as living branch despite having been separated from the plant. As all powerstones, the Jade magisters create Vitaellum as a reagent to the most powerful spells of their lore, whether martial or peaceable.

The three most powerful spells of Agrological Thaumaturgy are Flesh of Clay, Winter's Frost, and Cure Blight. A hero upon which Flesh of Clay is cast is a formidable foe on the battlefield. His skin turns to harden clay becoming immune to sword and shaft, but himself a weapon wading through enemy lines. 

Winter's Frost can kill or gravely wound a score of men in a single casting. The thick ice chilling to the bone in an instant and turning a charge into a chaotic dance of slips and tumbles.

Cure Blight is as much a ritual as the most powerful spell and tool for the well-being of the Empire. Crops, and even plague, can be cured of a blight or disease by infusing the stricken with the life restoring energies of Ghyran.

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