Monday, 25 April 2016

U is for Ulgu, Cryptoclastic Thaumaturgy

The Grey Order and their Lore of Shadows are the masters of deception and confusion. They are the Shadowmancers and wielders of the Grey Wind of Magic, Ulgu.

Ostensibly, the Grey Order in battle is a force multiplier. Being masters of illusion, Shadowmancers aid generals by confusing a charge, "altering" the size of force on the field: too small, too big, too weak? A force too small can be made to appear large. And yet the Shadowmancers would not consider service to the Emperor even a top priority. 

Shadowmancers darker side is that of a near global network of spies, diplomats, and assassins. The Grey Order is also one of the most disciplined of orders with the strictest enforcement of its ideals and rules with pacification or death not uncommon.

The mastery of the wind makes Shadowmancers spies capable of the deepest assignments and the cleverest of assassins. The Ulgu spells of deception, concealment, and confusion are particularly powerful in the aforementioned roles, and the spells of persuasion make them excellent diplomats.

The Order is rather focused too on rooting out Chaos and the influence of the Ruinous Power throughout the Empire, often quietly assisting the Templars of Sigmar, the Witch Hunters, even when they, as magic users, are not often welcome.

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