Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for Thaumaturgy

The origin of the word Thaumaturgy as used and written in the Articles of Imperial Magic in Reikspiel is unknown. Verenan priests and the Gold Order that study the High Elven tomes and instructions believe that it originated near the Black Gulf, the Border Princes, or further south in Araby. It is not an Elven word, but possibly a word known to a scholar whose name has been lost to history. The Elven word perhaps unrecordable.

Whatever the etymology of the word, it could be applied to the magic of wizards or the miracles of the priests of the sanctioned cults. However, it most applied in the academic and hermetic works of the magisters of the Orders of Magic; almost exclusively in practice. The Einsegnung of the priests of the Empire are not of the same source, but channelled through their prayers to the gods.

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