Friday, 22 April 2016

S is for Shyish, Cessationary Thaumaturgy

The wizards of the Lore of Death and Spirit, members of the Amethyst Order and masters of the Purple Wind, Shyish are most certainly not necromancers. The Articles of Imperial Magic refers to these magisters as wielders of Cessationary Thaumaturgy.

However, make no mistake, the line between Necromancy and the wonders of the Amethyst Order is thin. And make no mistake the patriarch and lords of the Order do not tolerate those that cross that line.

The more common spells, the most powerful looked at using Endstones, are certainly capable of revealing the truth of the afterlife. Deathsight reveals the spirits that walk beside the living, Death's Release can banish the same spirits. Spells may ease passing, delay a death, or speak with the passing soul. It is no wonder that discipline and philosophy are daily concerns in the Order. That Amethyst Wizards know of the afterlife, but that they can touch it, is more than a powerful temptation to master the Wind in ways that reject death and seek to restore or lengthen it. Despite that Necromancy never results in good, as one hopes, it is a practice that invites the destructive influence of Chaos and the Ruinous Powers.

The campus of the Amethyst College in Altdorf is rumored to exist on two planes: for the living and for the dead. Visitors to the grounds will tell you it is abandoned. The campus choked with vines, crumbling buildings, and piles of dead leaves collecting in the crevices and corners of halls and streets or tossed about by a deathly quiet wind. And yet others, invited, will tell you of a busy, if somber, campus. Both will tell of using the same entrance. Whether illusion or more, the "abandoned" campus is known to be used by braver criminals as a meeting place. How tolerant of this use the magisters are is debated.

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