Thursday, 21 April 2016

R is for Ritual Magic

Ritual Magic is capable of gathering and exerting each Wind in powerful ways. Many rituals are guarded by each order to produce aids, such as Powerstones, or bring the energy of a Wind to bear on the battlefield. 

Ritual magic is used by Dwarves to bind runes to weapons and talismans. Rune Magic, as it is called, can only be used by Dwarves—besides being the only arcane magic the race is capable of mastering—and Elves.

As powerful as it is, ritual magic can be seemingly vain, vindictive, and pure evil. The Body Gilded transforms body parts into impossible, but functioning, organs or limbs. The Dance Without End will exhaust the afflicted to a grave. The Beastly Transmogrification of the Omnipotent TChar will make a beastman of weakminded men, women, and children, turning them into rampaging beasts until the transformation wears off or the beast is killed. Those that survive the ordeal do so only physically. Their minds, already said to be weak, are driven mad by the experience of the murderous rampage they participated in while afflicted.

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