Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q is for Quiet! please

There are few common folk that would disagree: wizards and priests are not a quiet lot.

Wielding the Winds of Magic, even divine miracles of the priests of the recognized cults, means singing, whispering, exclaiming, and other often loud means of vocalization. It is not known if these "verbal" elements of spell casting is a human mnemonic to aid in mastering the necessary mental power or if it's just... necessary.

In battle, the exclamations are particularly recognized over the screams of the dying and the din of sword meeting shield and bone. In passing it seems to be an ever present whisper, song—an attribute making the Hierophants of the Order of Light immediately known—or prayer for a priest.

What is known is gagging or otherwise silencing a wizard or priest is to also rob them of working magick of arcane or divine nature. No wizard or priest is able to wield magic without his or her voice. In defensive Magick, Silence is a powerful spell indeed and as such is taught by all Orders and Cults to any that wish to study to master the spell and prayer.

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