Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P is for The Philosopher's Stone

More commonly called "Goldstones" by the wizards of the Lore of Metal, the Philosopher's Stone is regarded as the first of the power stones mastered by any of the eight orders practiced by humans.

The Philosopher's Stone is created, as all power stones, in a closely guarded ritual that folds the "wind of Magic" upon itself until it coalesces into a physical object of energy. The stone is used as a reagent in almost all alchemical experiments of the Gold Order as well as the reagent to the most powerful spells used by the wizards.

Breach the Unknown it is said impresses upon the caster's mind the very attributes of any natural or manmade object, including objects of magical quality. The Law of Gold suppresses magical properties of objects and the Transmutation of the Unstable Mind is said to cure a subject of insanity; though there are credible accounts that the spell can make worse the afflicted mind if cast incorrectly.

The abilities of the Philosopher's Stone have become so legendary that mundane alchemists have sought to replicate it without magic; an impossible task. But the name is also why Gold wizards rarely use the term "Philosopher's Stone."  A Goldstone is the same thing by another name and the main reason that many mundane seekers think they are different things, tossing aside "gold stone" in frustration of having "true" Philosopher's Stone.

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