Monday, 18 April 2016

Server Outage

Loooong story short.

I did something stupid about two years ago and it started to haunt me in the background this week. I used to have an email alias (or forwarding email) for job hunting that would just get spam.

I also have a forwarding email for my primary identity on the internet. They were almost the same. I purged a bunch of these forwarding email addresses a couple of years ago and I mistakenly purged my primary. Since I don't get a lot of email on this address I didn't notice! My host was telling me on this email my CC was expired. D'oh. When I dug into troubleshooting the outage, I started wondering: why hasn't my host notified me of my annual two years?

Straighten it out. On I.R.fucking.C. Not Slack. Fuck Slack.

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