Monday, 18 April 2016

Server Outage

Loooong story short.

I did something stupid about two years ago and it started to haunt me in the background this week. I used to have an email alias (or forwarding email) for job hunting that would just get spam.

I also have a forwarding email for my primary identity on the internet. They were almost the same. I purged a bunch of these forwarding email addresses a couple of years ago and I mistakenly purged my primary. Since I don't get a lot of email on this address I didn't notice! My host was telling me on this email my CC was expired. D'oh. When I dug into troubleshooting the outage, I started wondering: why hasn't my host notified me of my annual two years?

Straighten it out. On I.R.fucking.C. Not Slack. Fuck Slack.

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O is for The Ox Stands

The Shamans of the Amber Order, practitioners of the Lore of the Beast and masters of Ghur, are powerful battlefield wizards.

Called by mysterious, often folkloric, methods to the battlefield by generals or governors in distant outposts of the Empire, an Amber shaman can be worth 10 or 20 men by the end of a fight. Facing the terrifying and horrific monsters, giants, and beasts of Chaos, troops may run or freeze in the roar and spittle of a beast twice the size of the strongest soldier.

An Amber wizard casting the Ox Stands can turn this fright into ferocity. Ghur is drawn to the shaman and then explodes in a silent and invisible wave that energizes soldiers that can hear the shouted words of the casting shaman. With the spell, the frozen sword arm swings harder, a soldier's reflexes quicker, and the running coward turns back to fight. In that moment, the spell can strengthen a collapsing line.

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