Saturday, 16 April 2016

N is for Nectar of Beauty

The Old World is said by those with Witchsight to be saturated with Magic. Only those that can wield the Winds are capable of enjoying the power, whether for martial or other reasons. 

And while those without magical abilities enjoy a diverse market of draughts, spirits, beers, and ales and many with promises to "cure what ails ya!." These mundane, often unreliable concoctions has given rise to a small market where apprentice, journeyman, and magister wizard alike mix magical "potions."

While much more reliable than "Herzmann's meat juice" these potions tend toward a short shelf life, odd side effects, and present unexpected side "results."

The Nectar of Beauty

The facial scarring of a pox, acne, or military wound diminishes the dowry of a daughter or the vanity of boy and man. Commonly available in cities like Altdorf with large cosmopolitain populations and social climbers, the Nectar of Beauty will heal these scars "almost" completely.

Unfortunately, and rarely spoken about, the scars just reappear else where on the body. Pox scars or poorly sewn battle scars may appear on the back, bottom or chest. While one's visage becomes pleasant in public, privately the embarrassment may be more troublesome to intimacy.

The Nectar of Beauty is also said to cause one to shun any sort of light brighter than a candelabra. At an Altdorf party, it is a faux pas to be caught squinting as it is sign that one has surely imbibed the potion. As the side effect is permanent many socialites insist on low lighting in parlors and ballrooms.

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