Friday, 15 April 2016

M is for Magick, Lingua praestantia

When the High Elves arrived over three centuries ago to call and assess the humans of the Empire capable of mastering the Winds of Magic, they first had to create and then teach these "primitives" a language capable of drawing the Winds to the casters.

The High Elves speak Eltharin, a language that itself is derived from the very language the High Elves use to master and wield Qhaysh, Anoqeyån. Neither language is one that could be taught in the time allowed the High Elves, so they created a sort of pastiche of Eltharin and Old Riekspiel. The Colleges of Magic, have named this language lingua praestantia, or more simply Magick.

Lingua praestantia, like Eltharin and Anoqeyån before it, has a darker side as well. It is derived from the language of the Dark Tongues used by daemons and dark sorcerers. This is because the High Elves believe Anoqeyån is the closest language left known in the world that was likely spoken by the Old Ones.

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