Thursday, 14 April 2016

L is for Lumen Stones

The Hierophants of the White Wind, Hysh, will often seek to learn the secret songs of their Order that allows them to bind Magick into the rare Lumen Stone. Like other Power Stones, Lumen Stones store Magick that can be harnessed to cast the most powerful spells of Hysh. Lumen Stones radiate a pure white light and have an appearance of a large, flawless diamond.

The most powerful spells often wielded by the Hierophants include Boon of Hysh, Daemonbane, and Pillar of Radiance. Without a Lumen Stone, these spells are too powerful to be cast by Journeymen of the Order. Magisters and Lords often fail without reagents at hand and intense concentration.

And as all powerful spells, these spells will echo on the Aethyr. Hierophants will know when these spells are cast. The Order expects that these spells to be directly focused on daemons and corruption.

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