Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K is for the Knocks of the Departed

Journeymen Wizards of the Amethyst Order of Shyish, literally the practitioners of the Lore of Death, are known for many spells dealing with passing of living things and even communicating with the dead.

Knocks of the Dead is one such spell that crosses the threshold between life and death. It is said that the spirit of the passed, either compelled by Morr or by the presence of kinship at the casting, knocks on the Gates to Morr's Eternal Garden.

The body of the deceased must be present or an immediate next of kin. The casting is aided by a reagent of the subject's clothing—easy with a body unless naked. The spell allows the wizard to ask a specific question of the spirit that is either numerically expressed or simply "yes" or "no." For example, in the investigation of a murder the wizard may ask the hour after Mittagessen he was stabbed... four knocks. A "yes" answer is one knock, a "no," two knocks.

The spirit may chose not to answer, even lie! (especially if the kin present may have been involved in foul play or was unliked in life). The wizard is only leveraging Shyish and leverages no influence on the spirit.

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