Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for Arcane Justice

Magick, until Magus the Pious' foundation of the Imperial Colleges and direct diplomacy with the High Elves, was simply witchcraft.

A display of magic was seen as being in league with forces of Chaos or daemons. Whether a Cunning Man working with the "Hedge," a "Druid," an Elementalist, or just a wise woman, fear ruled. To be branded a user of witchcraft was to be burned at the stake.

The Imperial Colleges changed that view. Mostly, and then only in the largest cities of the Empire. And then still a Journeyman or Magister in far flung parts of the Empire must worry that a display of Magick won't find him or her strapped to a pole in the center of a pyre. And then it may come with complete surprise: accusations are usually whispered and a quiet call for a Witch Hunter of the Templars of Sigmar made. Watchmen or a militia man would never apprehend a wizard directly; it simply is too dangerous. A pistol, arrow, or blunderbus is much safer if a Witch Hunter is not immediately available.

To the public, this is most often witnessed form of Justice. To a member of the Imperial College, violation of the Imperial Laws or transgression or betrayal of the College's own rules, can result in Pacification.

What exactly Pacification is remains unknown; each college has their own version. But it is widely rumored to forcibly remove the ability to manipulate the Winds of Magic. The procedure and the results are widely gossiped about. No Magister wants to be subjected to Pacification. The fear of the process is itself the greatest deterrent and the greatest incentive to remain true to the Emperor and to the College.

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