Monday, 11 April 2016

I is for Inspiration

Editors Note: This is the first of several spells used by magisters of the various Lores this A-to-Z will look at over the next week and beyond.


This spell from the Lore of Light is practiced by masters of the White Wind, Hysh, and is often cast in contemplation of an academic problem or simply to open the mind to aid recall.

The wizard must concentrate both on the problem while singing to focus the White Wind on the problem or question. White Wizards often produce a small book and tear a page from it, seemingly absentmindedly, as a reagent to aid in casting the spell. The reagent is said to burst into light as it flutters to the ground or illuminate the flesh and bones of the wizard's fist as it crushes the crumpled page.

The spell is one of the moderately difficult ones a White Wizard will use, often only mastered by Journeymen. The song is said to last over a minute. It is typically a spell cast in quiet repose after a question or problem is presented in an investigation.

Magisters have said that the answer will simply "appear" in the mind's eye.

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